Updated Privacy Policy

May 25, 2018

We value your privacy and want to be clear about the data we collect, how we use it and your rights to control that information. Considering recent changes established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a set of laws passed in the European Union, we have updated our Privacy Policy. We are implementing these updates globally because we believe everyone has the right to these standards of protection. 

Our aim is to use the information you provide responsibly to deliver better products and services. Please read the updated Privacy Policy in full. By using our website or services after this date, you agree to the policy.

What has been changed in the Privacy Policy?

We’ve increased transparency

We’ve added some wording about what information we collect, how we collect it and how it is used in relation to our games and services.

We’ve improved navigation and use more user-friendly language

We’ve reformatted our policy with clearer language, headings, and links that allow you to find important information more easily. Where we can, we’ve added examples that illustrate our activities.

We are giving you more control over your information

We have added information about how we share information and why we do it. We are making it easier for you to control the information you provide us with. Our policy explains how you can make choices about your information and the measures we’ve put in place to keep your information secure.

How are the updates being implemented?

We are notifying you here about these changes and providing you with the updated version of our Privacy Policy. You just need to click on the link below to access it. The new Policy will take effect as soon as you have received this message.

What if I have questions?

Please contact our support and we'll be happy to help.



The Final Sale - everything must go!

May 17, 2018

- everything must go!

Web Shop at closes on May 24, 2018


KORG releases SCARBEE Classic EP-88M

February 01, 2018

SCARBEE has teamed up with KORG to faithfully recreate a mobile version of our latest and the best electric piano instrument: SCARBEE Classic EP-88S and we are very happy to be able to create this fantastic little mobile version for iPad /iPhone that sounds really nice!
Working with KORG is an old dream come true - as its a legendary company that has produced so many great products.


John Mike - Music Tech Videos - reviews Scarbee Classic EP-88s

August 02, 2017

John Mike - Music Tech Videos - reviews Scarbee Classic EP-88s

"First of all if feels very, very good when you kind off play it - it kind of response very, very well.. It sounds very, very good...
I'm very impressed with it - I really love it."