The Final Sale - everything must go!

May 17, 2018

I have decided to close the SCARBEE web shop as it is no longer possible to run it without having a legal and web based marketing department. Everything just gets too complicated now (especially with the GDPR) and I'm a musician - not a lawyer or a marketing expert.

So its time to move on. SCARBEE has always been an "Art/Science" project - meaning that our passion was about creating illusions - how close close we get to reality? The business part was basically just a way to get funded.

Now me and my team will focus on being creative - instead of selling and doing paper work.

We hope you will help us clear the stock - we only have 3-4 left of some of the products  - so don't wait too long...

SCARBEE will still continue to make support for you - don't be concerned - I will not abandon you!

For the future of Scarbee Classic EP-88s and MATRIX - we will try find someone who will sell it for us - or make another arrangement. The product is too good to die, right?

I have lots of great products that i want to make - and now I just have to find some people who will want co-work and sell my future products.

Thanks for your support.

Thomas Hansen Skarbye


KORG releases SCARBEE Classic EP-88M

February 01, 2018

SCARBEE has teamed up with KORG to faithfully recreate a mobile version of our latest and the best electric piano instrument: SCARBEE Classic EP-88S and we are very happy to be able to create this fantastic little mobile version for iPad /iPhone that sounds really nice!
Working with KORG is an old dream come true - as its a legendary company that has produced so many great products.


John Mike - Music Tech Videos - reviews Scarbee Classic EP-88s

August 02, 2017

John Mike - Music Tech Videos - reviews Scarbee Classic EP-88s

"First of all if feels very, very good when you kind off play it - it kind of response very, very well.. It sounds very, very good...
I'm very impressed with it - I really love it."


New video by Frank Montis featuring Scarbee Classic EP-88s

June 08, 2017

Frank Montis demonstrating the Scarbee Classic EP-88s, which will have 4 presets created him me in the next update (coming soon!). One of them is in this video.